Monday, August 6

How Facebook Interest Lists Can Help You Curate Content

Facebook has now provided a way for you to curate content right on your Facebook page via their new Facebook Interest Lists functionality.  When you log in to your present Facebook News Feed you have access to aggregate content from your Friends and individual pages you’ve “liked” that Facebook’s Edge Rank (an algorithm) deems relevant to your account.

Facebook has created Facebook Interest Lists to give you another way to access targeted content via their platform by creating your own personal (or brand) newsfeed comprising individuals or pages that you want to receive information from.

To Create Facebook Interests Lists:

You will easily find “Interests” at the bottom left of your page at the bottom of the column. Just click on it and Facebook will open a page like this image below with preselected Suggestions broken out in Categories, which also shows you the Number of Subscribers and any Friends that you may have.

“Suggestions” which are optimized for your account are at top of page and then these Categories:

  • Art
  • Books
  • Business
  • Causes
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Games
  • News
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Technology


Note in this screenshot above you have the ability to do a Search as well and then create a list of your which will show your Friends and Pages you are connected to via your account:

Once you’ve selected your Friends, Pages, Subscriptions or Individuals from the Specific Categories name your list and then save it. Note: you will also be asked if you want this Facebook List to be Public, Friends or only Yourself.  Select these options and then hit save.  As soon as you complete the process you will be taken to the Newsfeed of this List, enabling you to check how you set it up.

How Brands Can Generate Marketing ROI using Facebook Lists:

  • Your aggregating the best or optimum content for your audience. If you make your list public others can see and then subscribe to your list, which generates exposure.
  • Make sure you add yourself to your list of course – this helps to also create broader exposure for your brand and Page.
  • Like anything social media marketing process – try to niche in as much as possible. Expect millions of lists to be built moving forward. So, in your self-interest to make sure your list is curated for a specific niche, geographic location or market segment.
  • Remember, the more Friends who sign up for your lists the exposure your lists will generate and they will also garner more authority your lists have when others are searching.
  • Bit off topic but related – make sure you have your Facebook Settings set up so others can Subscribe to your public updates. This is a simple check box. Will help to drive more engagement moving forward.

Think of Facebook Interest Lists as valuable content curation that is effective for your Facebook page but that can also be used as a content source for your other social media profiles and accounts.


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  1. I use twitter and Google+ in much the same way. I keep my FB account much more personal...

    Good post!


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