Friday, October 17

Online Market World 2008 Selling Secrets

I gave a keynote talk at this year's conference. I figure that I'm pretty lucky, because it gave me the chance to meet a lot of very sharp people. If you're curious as to what I had to say, below is a link to the program text (it's amazing what a month's worth of bad economy in the US can do to one's net worth - but that's not what this post is about). Click the words "this session" to hear my talk.

"Best-selling eBay author Marsha Collier will explain why there has never been a better time to sell online - on eBay, other emarketplaces, and through other channels. This self-made millionaire, radio show host, and long-time eBay instructor will reveal important secrets of successful online selling and give you actionable tips you can start using immediately. If you're serious about increasing sales this holiday season and beyond, don't miss this session."

Thursday, October 9

eBay Tips for the holidays

I did a short interview on eBay Radio with Griff. We talked about some timely issues for eBay sellers, you can listen to my latest tips here.

Tuesday, October 7

Ever said OMG after you've sent an email?

Sure you've done it, we all have. Maybe you're not drunk, but you're overtired and cranky and had a burning desire to state your feelings in an email? Once you click that send button, you know (accompanied by a sinking feeling) that you've made a terrible mistake.

Google has to our rescue. They've come up with a cool new tool for Gmail that may prevent us from emailing while drunk, Mail Goggles. Once you hit the send button on that email you composed in the dark of night, Mail Goggles will present you with five math problems that must be solved in a limited amount of time. Only if you complete the computations in the given time will your message be sent. I've always felt that doing math (even simple math) is a sobering experience.

Mail Goggles, by default, is only active on weekends and nights, but of course you can adjust that to be more in balance with your personal 'happy hour.'

Wednesday, October 1

Zappos cushions shoes at LAX

Yesterday, while gearing up in the security line at LAX, I reached for the requisite plastic bin. The place to put my shoes, laptop and all the etcetera that needs extra scrutiny by the TSA. As I reached to unceremoniously dump my black patent leather pumps in, I note that the bin lined with a colorful ad. has placed inserts into the security line shoe bins at LAX. Shoe bins; that's not much of a stretch since Zappos sells shoes. Catch the customer when they're thinking about their shoes with a cute line about the upcoming xray machine. They have some smart folks at Zappos.
This isn't rocket science; its just plain good marketing.