Sunday, December 31

Wholesale Product Evaluation

Worldwide Brands, launched a new product sourcing tool today that combines detailed wholesale supplier information with instant market research results.

Known as the publishers of the largest Internet database of pre-qualified wholesale suppliers, they've produced a new tool, OneSource, combines their Drop Ship, Light Bulk, Volume Wholesale, Liquidation and Import Wholesaler contact information with instant analyses of how well each product searched will sell online.

“We know that the most successful online sellers use multiple wholesale sourcing methods. OneSource gives users immediate access to thousands of legitimate wholesalers of every kind, representing millions of wholesale products you can sell in your eBiz!” said Robin Cowie, President of Worldwide Brands.

Knowing where to get wholesale products you’re interested in and having an idea whether or not they will sell online before you invest money in them is valuable information. It may be well to check it out at their website.