Wednesday, April 30

New Book! eBay PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies

I finally did it, I've written a book to help eBay PowerSellers get to the next level. This book is full of facts you'll need to succeed as a PowerSeller on eBay. The book comes with a CD of useful eBay tools, photo editing software, mailing software and a free copy of QuickBook's Simple Start!

My publisher's notes on the book:
PowerSellers are eBay's most successful and trusted sellers. Whether you're trying to reach that level or you're already there and looking for ways to grow your business, this book will help. Packed with short, to-the-point, and proven strategies, this guide shares the secrets of eBay's top sellers.

Discover how to:

  • Take your business to the next level
  • Customize your business for your needs
  • Create listings that brand your business
  • Create a merchandising plan
  • Use best practices to achieve high DSRs
This book is broken into four main parts --
Overview: Covers the basics including understanding eBay and PayPal rules, getting info with reporting tools, and setting up the framework of a well-oiled operation.
Legal: Includes what you need to know about protecting your business and your buyer, researching and respecting copyrights, registering a business, and making adjustments to stay legal in your community.
Taxes: Focuses on the types of taxes an eBay seller needs to pay and shows how to use software and online resources to take care of paying them.
Accounting: Using QuickBooks and QuickBooks SimpleStart as a tool, demonstrates how to properly account for eBay income and debts and how to apply those numbers to tax and legal issues.

Click to find it on Amazon at discount prices, eBay®PowerSeller Business Practices For Dummies® (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))