Monday, May 21

10 Tips for Choosing a Web Design Company That Every Marketer Should Know

I met a really sharp lawyer and marketer, Lee Rosen. I'll be reposting some of his valuable tips on my blog. Here's the first installment...
You need a new website (or maybe it’s your first website), and there are a gazillion options.
First off, depending on how busy you are at this point, you might want to consider building it yourself. It’s not rocket science to build a simple site or blog. I really like SquareSpace . The site offers an awesome interface, cool premade designs, and an incredibly reasonable price. It is a soup-to-nuts solution. It’s worth considering.
If, however, you’re committed to hiring someone to do the work for you, then these tips should help you pick the right someone:

Friday, May 18

Humorous Guide to Selling Products Online: Ever Feel this Way? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever scratch your head to figure out which channels are the best for marketing and selling products and services online? Its a moving target! Doing the research for my upcoming Social Commerce book is making my head spin. I thought I'd share this fun infographic - let me know how it resonates with you?

Thursday, May 10

Top 5 Things NOT to Text Your Mom this Mother’s Day

We all know there’s many ways to say “I love you” to your Mom. It could be in person with a giant hug, a greeting card in the mail or a phone call if you’re miles away. Or, you could also text your mother and share a message with her that makes it clear just how much she means to you.
But be forewarned -- there are just some texts that you just shouldn’t send to your Mom on Mother’s Day. She might remember these texts forever, and not for a good reason.

The 5 worst texts you can send to your Mom this Mother’s Day:

Wednesday, May 9

The 140 Character Fix: Twitter is More Addictive than Alcohol [INFOGRAPHIC]

People joke about being addicted to their cell phones, but recent research suggests it's no laughing matter. A recent study found people were more likely to give in to cravings to use social media than they were to give in to satisfy other desires. That little blue bird may seem harmless enough, but are we on the verge of becoming a nation of insatiable Twitter junkies? Learn more about your brain—on Twitter. Click more to see the infographic!

Wednesday, May 2

Online Selling Transitions to Social Commerce: Happening Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since customers investigate products they want and look for value and engagement, it's only a matter of time until the most succesful sales will be produced through social engagement. The adaptation by the general public may take a while, perhaps even years, but now is the time to get started. Click Read more to view the infographic...