Tuesday, May 1

New Postal Rates! Change your store's listings!

With the upcoming USPS Rate Change just around the corner, May 14th, you need to change the shipping prices in your store items. Unfortunately, multiple-quantity Good 'Til Cancelled Store Inventory listings aren't editable once at least one sale has been made. These listings have to be manually ended and relisted in order to change the shipping details.

eBay is offering a limited time relist credit to help us out. From Monday, May 7th through Sunday, May 13th, they'll be offering relist credits to Stores subscribers who cancel and relist these types of listings. If your listings meet the following criteria, you'll be credited for your Insertion Fees, Listing Upgrade Fees and eBay Picture Services Fees:

  • They must be active Multiple-quantity Good 'Til Cancelled Store Inventory listings with at least one sale.

  • They must have been listed on eBay.com or eBay Motors (Parts and Accessories Only).

  • They must have specified a shipping option that will be affected by the USPS Rate Change. For the full list of eligible shipping options, click here.

  • Listing must be cancelled and relisted during the offer period.

  • For complete details, please visit the information page.