Tuesday, June 11

Tech Trends Now: Adobe TOS, Juul Ban Lifted, Samsung Repairs & More

Adobe TOS controversy; FDA rescinds Juul Labs marketing ban; Samsung changing repair program; Chrome settings to enlarge phone text; Disable Recall in Windows 11; Google is deleting Timelines - save yours; Image Search while shopping online; Brands scammers impersonate; Top streaming

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Sunday, June 2

Tech Buzz Weekly: Ticketmaster Breach, iPhone Cash, Tesla Recall & Blazing Rubik's Cube

560 Million Ticketmaster breach; iPhone 7 Class Action settlement; Tesla Recall; New Rubik's Cube record 0.305 seconds; QR Code menus RIP; New Android features; Used Tesla buying tips; Amazon Prime x Grubhub-Prime Perks; Plastic bag ban (again); Movie Pass Documentary; Tops in streaming

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Sunday, May 26

Tech News: Spurlock Tribute, AI Updates, iFixit, and Streaming Wars

Morgan Spurlock RIP; Update Chrome Browser; AI news: ChatGPT partners with Reddit, Google Generative AI hallucinating again, Scarlett Johansson; AT&T AST SpaceMobile challenging Starlink; iFixit leaves Samsung repair deal; Live Nation sued by DOJ; Tops in streaming

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Sunday, May 19

Tech Today: Google's Generative AI, Review: Pixel 8 Pro, EV Battery Compensation and More

Google Generative AI Killer app; Phishing through Docusign; Chevy Bolt EV battery compensation; Google Dark Web monitoring; REVIEW: New iPad; REVIEW: The impressive Google Pixel 8 Pro; Problem with Hertz selling used Tesla; Streaming

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Sunday, May 12

From Solar Flares to Cyber Scares: Navigating the Aurora, Data Breaches, and Cutting-Edge Tech EVs

Solar storms bring Northern lights to the lower US-how to see them best; Breaches: Dell; JP Morgan and Ascension; Vulnerabilities of Biometrics; Apple apologizes for Controversial iPad ad; Cybertrucks being smuggled; Affordable Chinese EVs; Neuralink's advances with video games; Streaming

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