Friday, July 30

Not a good day

My daughter was in a car accident last night. She's OK, glad we have good insurance.

By the way, we ate dinner outside and the ants came marching two-by-two. Susan, (the aforementioned car-crashing daughter) shared that if we sprinkled cinnamon, the ants won't cross the line. We did it. She was right. Pull out the cinnamon - sprinkle it in a circle around the family and your picnic will be safe from tiny intruders.

Thursday, July 29


First mistake of the day. It's not the CBS Morning Show - it's the Early Show. Whatever it is, it's on first thing in the morning. Today, Debbye Turner came over to do a brief interview for an upcoming piece on eBay. She's a former Miss America, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, beautiful and really nice - fine, I'll look like Agnes Gooch (from Auntie Mame) next to her. Oh well, I was going to post a picture of the two of us here - but I guess we broke the camera. My Lexar compact flash card decided to go kaput just as I was loading the pictures. Sorry guys.

Supposedly there's a warranty on the card - I'll let you know if Lexar keeps their word. I'll also let you know when the show will air.

Wednesday, July 28

welcome to my blog!

I decided that I needed to have a web blog. After all, I've been stopping by other people's blogs for quite a while now, and I'd like to share with my friends (and I guess the rest of the net) without having to send out a mass mailing.

I'll still send out my monthly newsletter, but this blog will be for the more immediate topics. Like when eBay has a "Free Listing" day.. or if I've just taught a class, I'll try to post their picture.

Post any question you have here and I'll give them my best shot!

I shouldn't be doing this today. The CBS Morning Show is coming to my office tomorrow to shoot some sort of quote from me tomorrow and my office is a mess. I'd better get back to cleaning it.