Friday, September 10

Los Angeles County Fair

Yes, believe it or not, we do have a County Fair. I have attended in the past and it appears to be a very "official" fair. Of course my friends in Indianapolis say theirs is best (and they may very well be right), but hey, at least we have one.

They've been running quite an advertising campaign - with catch phrases that would move only those here in Southern California:

"Counting carbs? How high can you count?

"Cotton candy and corn dogs - we call it the Fatkins diet"

"Eggsteme makeovers performed daily"

and my favorite radio spot refers to the giant smile you'll get at the fair, they comment "You can Botox it out later"

Who says we're shallow? The fair runs through September 26th (when Willie Nelson will perform). Visit the website at

Thursday, August 19

Media blitz?

For some reason, I get to be on TV again. Today I was on the CBS Early Show, interviewed by Debbye Turner. You can view the video on here

Tomorrow I'll be on Fox News DaySide with Linda Vesper at 1 pm, EST.

Hope to see you!

Thursday, August 12

This n that...

What a great crowd we had in Modesto - fun, smart folks. I'm sure they'll be a success on eBay!

I finished purchasing my items to sell on eBay during Christmas. If you haven't stocked your eBay store - it's getting late!

I'm going to start on an all new book next week ... whew. Thanks to the "celebrity" who commented on one of my posts. It's an honor to see you visit.

Thursday, August 5

Teaching at eBay University

Tomorrow I'm off to sunny Modesto California to teach the advanced class at eBay University. The beginner's class is taught by eBay's Jim Griffith. Go to for more information.

If you're in my class on Saturday - stop by and say hi! I'll try to take a picture of the crowd for my blog.

Wednesday, August 4

eBay news...

If you didn't notice, eBay has a 1¢ Sub-title sale through tomorrow, the 5th. On a brighter note, nordica has updated their list of top eBay sellers, you can see them on

Sunday, August 1

Dan Davila Wins Mr. Hollywood!

Friday night Susan, Beryl and I all went to a natural body building competition. (In natural competition, they either test for enhancing drugs through polygraph, urine analysis or both).

Oh, yea, did you know? I'm a weightlifter/bodybuilder/whatever. I lift weights 3 times a week with a personal trainer. Either with Karen or Fran Cuva (both titled body builders and authors of the book "Forever Young, Your Personal Trainer" - available in my eBay Store) or Dan Davila, the Cuva's protege.

Dan competed and won. Bravo! Dan's competing again in the San Diego Natural Bodybuilding competition in September. I don't think I'll be in San Diego, but we all wish Dan lots of luck.

What was really amazing were the older competitors. There were three classes that blew us away: Grand Masters, ages 50 to 59, Ultra Masters, ages 60 to 69 and Super Ultra Masters ages 70 and up. There was one guy, age 75, Karl Marshall, who was absolutely amazing - and of course, won in his category. I haven't seen many guys in their 20 with a body like Karls!

Friday, July 30

Not a good day

My daughter was in a car accident last night. She's OK, glad we have good insurance.

By the way, we ate dinner outside and the ants came marching two-by-two. Susan, (the aforementioned car-crashing daughter) shared that if we sprinkled cinnamon, the ants won't cross the line. We did it. She was right. Pull out the cinnamon - sprinkle it in a circle around the family and your picnic will be safe from tiny intruders.

Thursday, July 29


First mistake of the day. It's not the CBS Morning Show - it's the Early Show. Whatever it is, it's on first thing in the morning. Today, Debbye Turner came over to do a brief interview for an upcoming piece on eBay. She's a former Miss America, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, beautiful and really nice - fine, I'll look like Agnes Gooch (from Auntie Mame) next to her. Oh well, I was going to post a picture of the two of us here - but I guess we broke the camera. My Lexar compact flash card decided to go kaput just as I was loading the pictures. Sorry guys.

Supposedly there's a warranty on the card - I'll let you know if Lexar keeps their word. I'll also let you know when the show will air.

Wednesday, July 28

welcome to my blog!

I decided that I needed to have a web blog. After all, I've been stopping by other people's blogs for quite a while now, and I'd like to share with my friends (and I guess the rest of the net) without having to send out a mass mailing.

I'll still send out my monthly newsletter, but this blog will be for the more immediate topics. Like when eBay has a "Free Listing" day.. or if I've just taught a class, I'll try to post their picture.

Post any question you have here and I'll give them my best shot!

I shouldn't be doing this today. The CBS Morning Show is coming to my office tomorrow to shoot some sort of quote from me tomorrow and my office is a mess. I'd better get back to cleaning it.