Wednesday, December 14

Back in the saddle again

I've gotten many emails from so many wonderful people about resurrecting this blog that I've decided to cave in. If you want eBay related tips and tricks - you still have to go to my "official" website at Here I will blog in the traditional sense - and keep it personal.

As many of you may know, I hosted a program for PBS, "Making Your Fortune Online." Thank goodness it has been quite a success and I've been hearing from many people letting me know how much they learned from watching it. The truth is, I'm really a writer and I do my best work sitting behind my computer - standing in front of those cameras was quite an experience! (they lie, the camera really puts on 20 pounds).

The PBS show (and the book I'm writing) prevented me from really pumping up my eBay business for the holidays - which was kind of a drag because eBay is such a wonderful way to make money! As it stands I was only able to list my "stock" items (no Barbies this year), and yet its keeping me super busy. I shipped out 30 packages yesterday

Stop back soon, I promise to write more often.