Tuesday, September 18

Quickly Research Facebook Competition by Checking Fanpage Likes Tab

On Facebook, demographics are everything. Knowing your fan base, and the fan base of your competitors can mean the difference between creating engaging page content or failing to connect with potential fans.

Here is a quick way to get the inside scoop on your Facebook competition to make sure that you’re targeting the right audience with your Facebook page content.

Step 1 – Identify your Facebook competition

Though this is rather self-explanatory, it makes sense to keep an eye on your Facebook competitors. What brands are operating in the same space as you? Identify them and “Like” their pages. Take note of what they post, how they engage, and what kind of content they share with their fans. (To do this you must visit them from your personal Facebook profile, not your business page)

Step 2 – Visit their Facebook Page and Click on the “Likes” tab

On each Facebook page that is timeline enabled, personal users can click on the “Likes” tab at the top of the page to get a quick snapshot of the company’s fans. This is where you gather the data.
Facebook page likes via fanpage toolkit
Click the Likes tab to view a snapshot of your competition’s fans.

Step 3 – Study Like Data to Determine the Fan Base

After clicking the Like tab, you’ll be presented with a nice summary of your competitor’s fan page data. Take note of it, and compare it to your own page’s analytics. What do you see in common? Are you reaching the same audience? Do you have similar peaks in traffic? Maybe you have nothing in common with your competitor’s page. This could be good or bad, depending on which page has the most engaged users, or those “talking about the page.”
conduct Like research on your competitor's pages via fanpage toolkit
Obviously, Facebook doesn’t reveal all the statistics of other fan pages, but with this limited information, you should at least be able to identify strengths and weaknesses between your page and your competitors’ pages. Use the data to inform your content decisions, and finally, don’t forget to keep checking in on your competitors. Facebook is always changing, and so are page management strategies. By checking your competitors’ Like tabs, you can at least be sure that you’re operating within similar demographics.

Do you know your Facebook competition? What are you doing to stay competitive?

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