Monday, April 16

Social Commerce: The Next Big E-Commerce Revolution is Starting Now!

People have been asking what I've been working on. While I continue to tackle customer service as a continuation of my Online Customer Service Guide, I continue to explore (and write about) eBay, new venues and ways to promote e-commerce. My next book will be Social Media Commerce For Dummies. the infographic below gives you an idea as to the future of e-commerce. I promise not to let my readers down!




  1. Hey Marsha,

    As usual, you're on the cusp of new. Looking forward to your next book. Your a flesh and blood example how social media marketing is effective and immediate.

    Continued success!

  2. Hey Marsha,

    Once again you are at the cusp of new! Much success with the new book. I look forward to it being published.

    If anyone embodies embracing the new technology and unleashing its power, it's you...

    Way to go!

    All the best,



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