Wednesday, August 3

We’re Pleased to Announce: The Most Influential in Customer Service from MindTouch

The Customer Service community is a vibrant gathering of people focused on driving forward-thinking, customer-centric conversations in business today. These community members are dedicated to recognizing excellence in customer support and service, and pushing forward new ideas and ways to not only deliver excellent customer service, but also measure its impact both in traditional and social business terms.

Engaging and exceptional customer service is something that MindTouch is deeply committed to, not only via our awesome service team, but through our products as well.  Over the last couple of years, we’ve drawn from these leaders to inform on our product strategy, and it clearly shows, given the amazing response to our social knowledge base by our customers and peers.

With that type of influence and thought leadership, we thought it was suitable to frame our next “Most Influentials” list on this very important group. 

What does it mean to be influential?

To us, it’s not just about how many followers you have on Twitter (one-dimensional) but your strength and influence you have in all corners of the Internet (multi-dimensional). For example, how passionate your followers are about the topics you share (do they re-post, share, comment?), how well you leverage new technology, your ideas and best practices that push the envelope and how you drive conversation to benefit the industry as a whole.

With that in mind, we compiled our rankings from a variety of multi-dimensional metrics to measure influence. Our formula consisted of a weighted average across a range of metrics including Alexa, Twitter, Klout, PeerIndex, socialmention (passion and strength), Twitalyzer and HowSociable. In addition to calculating out the Most Influentials using our own special algorithm, we asked for YOUR votes to name the Top 5 Most Influential in a recent poll. The outcome were astounding. With over 1,000 votes – we took the wisdom of the crowd and applied those results to our final list. Thank you to all those who voted and contributed to our final ranking!

The following infograph illustrates how much influence the individual has in relation to the other thought leaders. We published a few of the scores we considered for this ranking; Twitter followers, Klout and PeerIndex. These thought leaders were first scored for influence then compared to one another to create the top 25 ranking.

And the results…drum roll please…

Congratulations to all those included on the list! You have proven that honest-to-goodness passion and smarts can lead to thought-leadership and influence within the customer service space. Thank you for influencing people and businesses, alike.

Follow the top 25 on Twitter with one click

Honorable mentions

Jeffrey J Kingman, Mark Fodor, Shaun Belding, Jeanne Bliss, Lynn Hunsaker, Gary Sherman, Janet Jozefak, Pratibha Rai, Aaron Silvers

I'm posting this as a tribute to everyone on this list. You do great work and the time for online customer service is just beginning!

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