Thursday, August 18

Online Sellers: Have Trouble Storing Your Shipping Supplies? A Fresh Idea #eBay

My home office shippping area is mortifying. I have boxes of boxes and boxes of padded envelopes, rolls of labels, stickers... if you have a home based e-commerce business you know what I'm talking about.

I keep the boxes of boxes in the garage and the smaller shipping items in a bathroom in my office. (I figured I didn't need the shower anyway). The boxes of padded envelopes were annoying. A half empty box would start to fall over - and worse yet - take up precious space.

I decided to use those recyclable, supermarket brown paper bags. I fill them with padded envelopes, and since they only hold a small quantity, I can remove the bags as they empty and am no longer dealing with huge cardboard boxes. It seems like a simple solutions, but it was new to me. Thought I'd share...