Saturday, August 13

Road Runner Email & Android Phone? Whew! Here's the Fix for Connection Problems

Because of my tech radio show, I test just about every opeating system there is. When it comes to smartphones, there seems to be a recussing issue with connecting Road Runner email to recieve (and sending is even more problematic). Keep in mind that Road
Runner is a POP server, and not IMAP, your deletions on the phone will not carry over to the server.

I just set up the new Verizon LG Revolution and came up with settings that actually work! Here's the procedure:
To send email:
  1. Under Emails, Select Add Account, In the General Settings window fill in:
    (phones will vary so fill in what is required for your phone)
  2. Email Address: (In Southern Californis it is
  3. Your Password
  4. Select POP or POP3
  5. Incoming Mail Server Host:
  6. Enter port 110
  7. Set Secure Server to off
Outgoing email:
  1. Outgoing Server Host: (no need for your city code)
  2. Set Port 25
  3. Click Secure Server to off
This should be all you need!

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