Saturday, September 13

Value in the Conversation

I'm taking a quiet weekend and working on my keynote for Online Market World. OK, I am breaking away for some fine dining, but I am thinking.. and researching.

I listened to a talk by Jason Calacanis on the web. It hit me like a ray of sunshine. What a pleasure it is to hear from someone who knows, I mean really knows, about the pollution on the web. His new search site, works incredibly well. It works the way the internet is supposed to work. Check it out. It's honest, it's real.

I've had the opportunity to sell out to affiliate marketers many times and turned them down. I've made my living telling the truth: there's no get rich quick. I teach my readers that the way to riches is hard work. Hard work pays off in the end, and hard work gives you the chance for the dream. That's his message too.

What the web needs is more quality content and a lot less sites that scrape news with the sole goal of making dollars from misleading readers.