Wednesday, September 10

Starbucks Vivano Rescue!

Last I was bagging on Starbucks for the lack of Black & White cookies on the west coast. Today, Starbucks saved my morning. I was presenting a morning keynote at a conference at 8:15 am - and I was running late on an empty stomach. I get to the speaker's room and - inexplicably - no coffee.

I remember seeing a Starbucks two casinos away (I'm in Las Vegas). Hot footing it, I run to Starbucks (high heels clacking on the marble floors). Vivano! they had the Vivano! Just what I needed: a little protein, a banana, fat free milk and a shot of espresso for punch.

As I wait for my shot of nutrition, I see a sign promoting Oatmeal. "Perfect" Oatmeal, the sign proclaims. Somebody got that right, a great idea for winter mornings on the run. Yummy, stick to your ribs oatmeal with a non fat vanilla latte (with protein powder of course). I took a photo of the sign which seemed to indicate the oatmeal was 'fresh brewed' ... hmmmm, I doubt it.

P.S. In Las Vegas? No black and white cookies at the Starbucks either.