Friday, September 19

Get Wireless n and g in a single network

It's so frustrating that my new laptop has n wifi and all my other computers don't. N wireless is the fastest and newest flavor of WiFi networking. It features MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology and can send data at 10 times faster that the old 802.11g. Sadly, me and most of the rest of the world have an older router that is in the g compatible format. Plus, we have legacy (nice word for a coupla year old) computers that can’t take advantage of the latest technologies without shelling out beaucoup bucks for hardware upgrades. During my radio show last week I learned that Netgear has a new upgrade kit that attaches to an existing router - it broadcasts an additional n signal to those computers in your home that can accept it. Older computers will still be able to access wi-fi from your old router, at the speed they are comfortable with. I say that’s progress. It’s nice to know we don’t have to change everything to be able to use the latest technology. Call in to the Computer and Technology show with any questions you have for me on Saturday between noon and 2 pm PST at 877-474-3302