Tuesday, September 9

Traveling, Starbucks & Black and White cookies

Another airport, another flight. I may be in the minority, but I love airports, I love the sound of a jet engine firing up and I love to fly. There's a hum of anticipation in an airport. Yea, people are often cranky and grouchy, but they are all looking forward to their destination... a better place? There's hope in that. Put me on a plane and I know adventure is at hand. But, I digress. My subject is Starbucks and how its wound its way into every segment of my life.

On a hot day, I turn to Starbucks for iced coffee or tea. When I'm running late and forget to eat, I can always count on a fat free banana chocolate (one squirt only, please) Vivano. When I'm dragging? It's a grande Americano.

When I'm traveling, I can always find a Starbucks, even in Hong Kong. It's a safe place. The food is passable but uniform... except... on the East Coast they have my favorite cookies. Black and White cookies. Never sold on the west coast. Why, Starbucks, why? Don't they care about those
of us west of the Mississippi? What would the big deal be to have those cookies in Los Angeles? They look at me funny at JFK airport when I buy the entire stock, and bring them back to Los Angeles to freeze. I'm out of Black and White cookies and eagerly awaiting my upcoming
trip to New York so I can refill.