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Step By Step Guide to Leaving Feedback on eBay

 Leaving feedback for the seller after your item arrives is an important end to every eBay transaction. Your leaving feedback lets the community (and the seller) how happy you were to do business with this person.
There are several ways to leave feedback for a seller:

  • If you’re on the transaction page, click the Leave Feedback link; the Leave Feedback page appears.
  • In the Purchase History area of your My eBay page, click the Leave Feedback link next to the transaction.
  • In the Feedback Forum, click the Leave Feedback link to see a list of all your completed auctions from the last 60 days for which you haven’t left feedback.
  • On your My eBay page, scroll down and on the left side you will see your purchase history. Click there to find the item that's just arrived. Under Actions to the right of the item, you will see a Leave Feedback link, which will take you to the Feedback page.
  • Click the Community-->Announcements link, in the main navigation bar, and then click eBay Feedback Forum. On the next page that appears, click the Leave Feedback link.
To leave feedback for a seller, follow these steps:
  1. Enter the required information.
    Note that your item number is usually filled in, but if you’re placing feedback from the user’s feedback page, you need to have the number at hand.
  2. Choose whether you want your feedback to be positive, negative, or neutral.
  3. Type your feedback comment.
  4. Fill in your star ratings by clicking the stars next to the questions (see further on, "Giving Detailed Star Ratings Properly ").
    If you decide that the seller’s description was inaccurate, you will have to explain why by clicking next to the explanations that appear
  5. Click the Leave Feedback button
In addition to a feedback comment and rating (positive, negative, or neutral), buyers should leave detailed seller ratings, too. After the buyer types a comment, he or she is prompted to rate the seller with one to five stars on four different factors of the transaction. The table below shows the specific rating factors, and a translation of what the stars mean.

To see the rest of the tips (and my personal take on the eBay Star ratings) please click visit the article on my website.

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