Tuesday, May 7

Opps! How to Re-Open that Browser Tab & 40 more Shortcuts For Web Browsers

I’m all about using keystrokes instead of clicking! I also love the controls available on my mouse. The tables below give you a list of documented shortcuts. You’ll see that whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Apple Safari that they have many of these shortcuts in common.

Each browser has some of their own specific shortcuts, but learning the ones they have in common will serve you well as you switch between browsers and computers. I have listed them by browser (as I know these work) and have bolded some of my favorites. Test  these shortcuts in the browser you are currently using and see if they work. Hopefully these tips help cut down your desk time.

Firefox Shortcuts

Press This Firefox Will
Backspace Go to the previous page you’ve viewed
Ctrl + O Open files from your computer in the browser
F5 Refresh current page
Ctrl + B View or search your bookmarks in sidebar
Ctrl + T New Tab
Ctrl + N New Window
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo Previously Closed Tab (oops command)
Ctrln + H View or search your History in a sidebar
Ctrl + U View Page source (to study HTML)
F11 Display full-screen, reducing the amount of icons and stuff displayed
Esc Stop loading the current page
Ctrl + P Print the page
Ctrl + S Save the current page to a file on your computer
Ctrl + F Find an occurrence of a word on a webpage
Ctrl and + or Ctrl and - Enlarge or reduce the text on the screen (Zoom)
Ctrl + 0 Return to default browser text size

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