Thursday, February 23

Transaction Problem on eBay or PayPal? Enter Twitter Customer Service: Why It's Time

Huzzah! eBay and PayPal have taken the steps to give customers a place to easily reach them on Twitter: @AskeBay and @AskPayPal. I find the Paypal account to be anxious to please and it's good that they post their availability hours, but they often work past the posted times. The current PayPal Twitter-team includes includes Adrian (^AM), Olivia (^OJK), and Frank (^FG). The @AskeBay account has been online since December 2011 as part of eBay's push into social media.

My email has been deluged for the past 15 years with email from readers and eBay members who want me to help them. I help most everyone who emails me, but the intrinsic problem is, people don't understand that I don't work for eBay. I can't get into existing transactions. What I can do is give you best practices both on Paypal and eBay, but I have no "inner connection" to anyone at the company.
It's serendipitous that @AskPayPal has been active on on Twitter since 2009. Around the same time, I blogged  Social Media Marketing? Learn from Successful eBay Sellers and eBay Founder, Pierre Omidyar re-Tweeted the post. That's when I knew I got it right. That's when I knew that I had to expand my books to include customer service.

Customer service is the key to success for any eBay seller or brand. I've been beating this drum for over a decade and it is great to know others finally agree. I wrote a book (aimed at small business) The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More and gave examples of small business successfully conncting online.

On Twitter we have a customer service chat every week and we've been discussing the importance of this outreach for almost two years. If customer service is important to you or your business - why not join in? Tuesdays 9p ET/6p PT hashtag #custserv

My personal brand of customer service is refelcted in my writing. All my books are written from my own experience and research. I have never recommended any tool, app or product that I haven't used myself satisfactorily. Writing these books, is a responsibility; one I owe to the people who read them. I've never charged people for help because I feel we are in a community. You read my books, we chat online and we are connected. That's how I connect.

I wrote the first eBay For Dummies in 1997, and the 2017 edition just published. If you want to do business on eBay, it just might save you some panic-filled tweets.

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