Wednesday, June 22

Twitter Essentials Webinar: How to Set Up and Run A Successful Twitter Account for Your Business

Over the past few years, Twitter has entered the mainstream conversation on business marketing and promotion alongside other social tools like blogs and Facebook. Even if you’re already marketing on other platforms, Twitter provides access to different customers in a different context.

How do you tap in to this powerful new marketing tool? Join me, Dave Peck and Denise Wakeman for this two-part online seminar organized by Tweethouse. You’ll learn how to set up a Twitter account for your business, how to get more Twitter followers, and what tools are the best for tweeting, monitoring, and engaging your customers. We’ll cover everything from the meaning of “hashtags” and “retweets” to hard-to-find applications that make it easy to search Twitter for relevant keywords and schedule Tweets for later release so that you can plan ahead.

Why bother with Twitter if you’re already on Facebook?

  • Establishing your Twitter account * Finding the right people to follow * Best practices for engaging with other Tweeters
  • What is a hashtag?
  • Growing your followership
  • Getting the right tools set up for Tweeting and monitoring

Day 1: Monday, June 27th, 1pm – 2pm PT
You’ll learn the basics of setting up your Twitter account, including:

  •     What kind of account to create (as a person or as a business)
  •     The account creation process
  •     Identifying your first people to follow
  •     Finding good material to Tweet

Day 2: Thursday, June 30th, 1pm – 2pm PT
You’ll learn how to effectively monitor Twitter for keywords and grow your followers:

  •     Learning about hashtags
  •     Getting more followers for your Twitter account
  •     Effective search tools for Twitter
  •     Valuable monitoring services

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