Tuesday, September 1

Can Social Media get more fun? Try Whrrl

If you want to share information about yourself, your friends, a product or event, and don't want to do the usual announcement - there's a fun and easy tool.

Using Whrrl, you can take pictures with your iPhone (there's a free app) or MMS enabled cell phone and turn them into a story complete with location, notes and the participants. You can also start and edit stories from the Whrrl website. Telling stories with Whrrl helps you capture and share moments of your life with your friends and family in a whole new way.

My friends, Heather Meeker, AV Flox and I had a lot of fun with a box of cosmetics from e.l.f. We had never used their products and decided to put them to the test by dressing up (and making up) like stars from the past. Take a look at our Whrrl story below. It was a lot of fun - I give Whrrl five stars!


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