Thursday, August 6

Don't want to share your eBay photos with other Sellers? Opt Out now!

Work hard on your eBay photos?
eBay will allow other sellers to use yours

On August 31st, a new policy goes into effect where photos you upload to your listings can become part of an eBay image catalog of images that eBay will use to picture an item that is sold by many sellers.

The default for this is opt-in. A copyright notice is posted with a link to your user profile, but no additional information is given, and the link will be small. You must opt-out to keep your images for your own; if you don't opt-out eBay will make your photos part of the open catalog.

eBay has not made an official announcement about this and I don't want my readers, who work so hard on their images, to be caught at the mercy of this change in policy.

To opt out you must change your settings before August 31st. If you opt out after then, any photos you upload between the 31st and when you opt out may be included in the catalog.

To opt out, follow these steps:

1. Go to your My eBay summary page

2. Note there are three tabs that are ttled Activity, Messages and Account.
Hover over the "Account" tab.

3. From the drop-down list that appears, click on Site Preferences

4. The resulting page should look like the image below.
Find the Share your Photos line and click on Show next to this option.

5. The box will expand and look for the Edit link. Click it to change your auto opt in to NO!

The next page says: "If you'd like to opt-out of this program, please do so by checking this box and clicking the "submit" button below. (If you opt-out before August 31, 2009, none of your photos will be considered for inclusion in this program unless you opt back in at a later time. If you opt-out after August 31, 2009, any photos we select for inclusion in this program prior to your opt-out may continue to be used in the catalog)"

6. To opt out, click to put a check mark in the opt out box and then click the Submit button.

7. eBay returns you to the Site Settings page and you will see a confirmation note that says you have opted out.

Understand that I don't think this policy is a bad thing, but when you work as hard on photos as I do, I don't want to give other sellers the benefit of my hard work. I hope this post will help you improve your sales and keep your images yours.