Saturday, June 16

Top 10 Reasons to Text Your Dad This Father’s Day

It might be 2012, but some of our fathers are still not keen texters. It’s true-- they might have all the latest gadgets, fast toys, and even snazzier ties. But, might be stuck plunking away on the computer with email or still picking up the phone to (gasp!) call.
When should you text Dad and bring him into this decade?
Well this Father’s Day, of course.
But if you’re struggling to find the right topic to make Dad smile,
we have some suggestions:
1. Text Dad about his car - every father’s favorite toy.
Dad, Don’t worry. You didn’t forget where you parked the car again. I have it.

2. And because we don’t always have Dad’s car, don’t forget to text him when you need a ride.

Hey Dad, can you pick me up?
3. Speaking of picking you up, does your Dad stop and ask for directions? Mine doesn’t. Why not save him the pain and embarrassment of getting lost and text him directions?
Dad, where are you? My soccer game is down the street from your office. Left on Union and right on Vallejo. See you soon!
4. Then, there’s the time you’re running late. It’s easier to text Dad to let him know. Plus, he can’t really yell at you over text. :)
I know it’s 1 hour after my curfew. I’m ok -- be home soon.

5. Of course, don’t forget about your Dad’s favorite past time -- sports! You can keep him up to speed with all the latest scores on his team.
My team’s winning by 4 points and your’s just struck out again! :P
6. The other benefit of texting is that it’s private. So, why not help Dad find the perfect gift for Mom? My Dad never knows what to get my Mom for their anniversary. I love being there to help him with a text, even when I’m away.
Your anniversary is tomorrow. Mom said she wants bubble bath from her favorite place. Don’t forget.

7. And why you are away at school, living it up and studying hard, text Dad to stay in touch.
Hey Pops! Miss you. Can you loan me $50 bucks for school books please?

8. If you are like me, you love your siblings, but they drive you nuts at the same time. Feel free to text your Dad all about it.
The car is out of gas. It’s all Chris’ fault. Love ya!
9. Keep your father from stalking you on Facebook by letting him know about your life via text.
Hey Dad, I’m eating a doughnut. It’s good.
10. Texting is shorter and quicker than many forms of communication. Break your Dad of the long drawn out emails (that he’s been doing since the 1990’s) with a short, sweet text.
Happy Father’s Day! Love you Dad!

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