Wednesday, March 2

20 Years of Publishing Magic. For Dummies: Technology for the Rest of Us

When people mention the For Dummies series, one hears a lot like: "I'm not a Dummy!" But just as Dr. Ruth Westheimer was won over to be a Dummies author, millions of people worldwide love the series of plain talking, humorous books. There's no better way to learn a topic than from a For Dummies book. Did you know that you could set 5,700 stacks of Dummies titles next to the world's tallest building in Dubai. (The stack of my books alone is over 5 feet)!

It's been an honor to write for the For Dummies series for over 14 years. eBay For Dummies started my career. My latest social media book in the series, Facebook and Twitter For Seniors is selling to a whole new market. 35 books later, and over a million of my books sold... I still look forward to writing my next one.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, buy any “For Dummies” book between March 1 – 31, 2011 and receive a five dollar rebate with this mail-in rebate.