Tuesday, September 7

What fun! "Marsha Collier AKA the Tweetinator" Thank you for the mention @KatsKloset Women

Just saw this fantastic photo where one of my favorite Women Entrepreneurs, Marsha Collier, is featured in a recent New York Times article about Technology. Isn’t it just FANTASTIC!  I love this – you go Marsha. Of course, I’m prejudiced because the photo brings two of my favorite things together – I’m a big fan of Marsha and I ADORE ‘The Terminator’ movies with Arnie :) What do you think?

Marsha Collier

Here is the Marsha section in the article:

Still, wariness about broadcasting one’s location extends to city dwellers, too. Marsha Collier lives in Los Angeles and writes “For Dummies” books on technology. She uses Whrrl and Foursquare as a way to share information about her life with her online fans and followers — but instead of checking in when she arrives at a place, she checks in as she leaves, to avoid alerting people that she is away from home.

“If I’m going to go work out at the gym, I’ll check in on my way out,” she said. “That way, you’re going to be home soon, so your house won’t be unattended for a long time.”

*** original photo taken by Jamie Rector for the NYT, the “adaptation” was by Ty Sullivan