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Thank you @JessicaGottlieb for the first review on my new book: Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies

5.0 out of 5 stars The Perfect Guide, September 16, 2010
By  Jessica Gottlieb "Mommy Blogger" (Los Angeles, CA)
This review: Facebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies For Dummies 

"I consider myself to be well versed in Facebook and Twitter and the etiquette for both. What I am not capable of is explaining it to my parents. I got this book today, and it's the perfect tool to introduce seniors to the social web (sorry mom).

The chapters are well laid out, with great examples of lingo that I (as a heavy social media user) take for granted.

If your mom doesn't know a DM from a status update, just buy her this book. It's really terrific. Also, Marsha mentions that as we age we are less mobile. This could be very liberating for someone who can't get out as much as they'd like to."

If you think your Mom, Dad or Grandparents might benefit from the book as well, you can find it here (It's in LARGE print)

Here's some info on the book, it's a fun and easy social media guide for the over-55 set

  • People over 55 were the fastest-growing user group on Facebook in the first half of 2009, and they’re flocking to Twitter at a faster rate than their under-20 grandchildren. From basic information about establishing an Internet connection to rediscovering old friends, sharing messages and photos, and keeping in touch instantly with Twitter, this book by online expert Marsha Collier helps seniors jump right into social media.
  • Seniors are recognizing the communication possibilities of Facebook and Twitter and are signing up in record numbers
  • This plain-English guide explains how to get online, set up a Facebook profile, locate friends, post public and private messages, share photos, create events, follow local businesses and friends on Twitter, create a blog, play games, and more
  • Marsha Collier explains every step with the same friendly, comfortable style that has made her eBay For Dummies books bestsellers

Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies supplies everything seniors need to function confidently on these two social media platforms.

From the Back Cover
Get steps and advice for connecting with friends on Facebook and Twitter!

So you've decided to find out why all the world seems to be into social networking? That's great! Let this book be your guide to setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts, catching up with old friends and making new ones, communicating with the grandkids, avoiding shady characters, foiling identity thieves, and maximizing your online experience!

  • If you're starting from scratch — get advice on buying a computer, setting up Internet access, and establishing an e-mail account in Part 1
  • Face the world on Facebook — create your account and profile, upload your photo, set privacy controls, and explore your home page
  • Reach out and find someone — learn how to search for friends, send friend requests, chat, and retrieve private messages
  • Fun and games — join groups, play games, and create events
  • All a-Twitter — set up a Twitter account, learn the shorthand, find people you want to follow, use hashtags, and create lists
  • Intermediate social networking — find places to share photos and videos, read movie and restaurant reviews, and contribute your opinions
  • Venture into the blogosphere — try your hand at blogging
Open the book and find:
  • How to find your friends and family on Facebook
  • Suggestions on how to build your Facebook profile
  • Facebook privacy tweaks so only your friends can see your profile
  • How to post photos and send private messages on Facebook
  • Tips for condensing your thoughts to 140 characters for Twitter
  • Sites that review restaurants, rate hotels, and recommend music
  • Where to get Web-based e-mail for your social networking

Learn to:

  • Get a Web-based e-mail account and sign up on Facebook
  • Update your Facebook profile, find friends, share photos, and post messages
  • Share quick thoughts with your friends using Twitter
  • Find the best sites for dining, travel, and music recommendations

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