Monday, February 22

Update after talking to Google RE: Buzz

It seems my last post created quite a stir. Today I got an email from Google Buzz Communications. It seems that no one at Google Buzz team had considered that the profile part of the Google Profile was what should show as a default. It took me quite a while, along with a description of how I use my Google Profile (as my online business card) to show it's importance. Finally my words "It's called Google Profile, so shouldn't the Profile show as default? Otherwise it's Marsha Collier's Google Buzz page" did the trick. Google said "they would consider the suggestion."

I don't want to sound paranoid (or maybe I've read too much George Orwell), and I don't want Google to pull the plug on any of the fine services of theirs that I use (like this blog). I would like to reiterate the following:
  • You can have a Google Profile without Google Buzz
  • You have to disconnect any of the social media sites you have connected to it (via Buzz in Gmail) 
  • You have to disable Google Buzz in your Gmail (via the Buzz tab in Gmail Settings)
... but since you're not sharing any items, or using Buzz, this is effectively meaningless.