Saturday, February 20

Disable Google Buzz and Lose your Google Profile ??

Of all the issues I've had with Google, this could be the icing on the cake. I'm not happy with Google Buzz. I hate getting emails from Google Buzz with my Tweets. What put me over the edge?

I went to my Google profile (I had my personal URL ported there so that when anyone looked for, they'd get my profile). When I opened the profile I saw that Google Buzz had invaded the entire page! There was another tab that's now entitled ABOUT ME as a secondary option. The About Me tab revealed my original Google profile. Now seriously? Who cares about going to that page and seeing my Google Buzz?

It's a PROFILE, Google, get it? Not my new social media arm. It looks as bad a Friendfeed! I clicked to edit my profile in the hopes that I could change the default. To have the About Me page appear when the prolfile was opened. No such luck. There was no such option.

There was an option to disable Google Buzz. Luckily I read it before I clicked "This will disable Google Buzz integration in Gmail and delete your Google profile and Buzz posts. It will also disconnect any connected sites and unfollow you from anyone you are following."

Seriously? If I don't like Google Buzz you'll take a away my profile? Not cool. Not cool at all.