Friday, June 13

Tim Russert and the eBay Dilemma

I always admired Tim Russert. He had an amazing passion for politics. An affable guy with a sharp wit, I'd look forward to his interviews. If it wasn't for him - the red and blue states wouldn't have their colors. Yep, the concept was his invention.

Who can forget the 2000 election made even more interesting by his ever present dry erase whiteboard? My admiration drove me to buy his book, Russ & Me, and had it signed by him. I was going to give it as a gift, but put it on the bookshelf unopened. I never have all the reading time I'd like.

Today we lost Tim Russert. The coming election will be far less amusing without Russert's intuitive remarks. But when I got the news of his death, I remembered the book.

I put the book up for auction on eBay and in ten minutes my opening bid was doubled. This is every eBay seller's dilemma. Should we sell our valued mementos to make a few bucks? A recent Nielsen study found that every home has over $3,000 worth of stuff they could sell; are mementos included? When Dale Earnhardt passed, I couldn't sell my autographed items, but that was a different time. I hope Tim would understand - the economy being the way it is.