Friday, May 16

I'm an iCitizen

Luck hits me over the head every once in a while. In the new book, The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World by Kelly Mooney, I was named an iCitizen. One of 17 named in the book. I'm not only flattered, I'm humbled. I never really considered my influence. Thinking about it, I am truly a citizen of the web. My work on eBay has been online since the late 90s. Now I host an internet radio show on Technology. Learning, growing, adapting makes me happy.

On that note, I've been invited to be a lunch speaker at iCitizen: The Open Imperative next week in Columbus. There will be some heady industry people there, I can't imagine what they'll learn from me - but I can't wait to hear what they have to say about the future of marketing and the web. Below are some details. How cool is this...?

Leading digital marketing agency Resource Interactive is hosting iCitizen: The OPEN Imperative, a two-day client symposium May 20-21, featuring several of the nation’s most recognized experts and innovators in social media, digital marketing, advertising and economics. The iCitizen Symposium is an intimate invitation-only event attended by Resource Interactive clients and partners gathered together for networking, beta 'first looks' and super-charged dialogue.

“For two days, we explore the far-reaching ramifications that the new media ecosystem has on our minds, our brands and our bottom lines,” said Kelly Mooney, Resource Interactive President and CXO. “The inaugural iCitizen Symposium was a roaring success, and our clients have been looking forward to the next event ever since.”

As the rules of engagement continue to change, iCitizen: The OPEN Imperative is the next step in that discussion and our next opportunity to gather together to discuss some of today’s most compelling topics:

The new consumer
How to join the online conversation
The far-reaching ramifications of the new media ecosystem
How (and why) some organizations realigned as a result

For more information, click here.