Sunday, August 1

Dan Davila Wins Mr. Hollywood!

Friday night Susan, Beryl and I all went to a natural body building competition. (In natural competition, they either test for enhancing drugs through polygraph, urine analysis or both).

Oh, yea, did you know? I'm a weightlifter/bodybuilder/whatever. I lift weights 3 times a week with a personal trainer. Either with Karen or Fran Cuva (both titled body builders and authors of the book "Forever Young, Your Personal Trainer" - available in my eBay Store) or Dan Davila, the Cuva's protege.

Dan competed and won. Bravo! Dan's competing again in the San Diego Natural Bodybuilding competition in September. I don't think I'll be in San Diego, but we all wish Dan lots of luck.

What was really amazing were the older competitors. There were three classes that blew us away: Grand Masters, ages 50 to 59, Ultra Masters, ages 60 to 69 and Super Ultra Masters ages 70 and up. There was one guy, age 75, Karl Marshall, who was absolutely amazing - and of course, won in his category. I haven't seen many guys in their 20 with a body like Karls!