Monday, January 16

Get Free Yowza Location Based Coupon App & Discount for Stores

I'm a fervent user of all things tech and mobile. While I was at CES I learned about (and downloaded) a new free app, Yowza! It's the brainchild of actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity and Alias). It allows you to connect with shoppers in your area and let them know about your best deals via mobile coupons. Also, sweet analytics show you how your offers are doing!


This app is an inexpensive way for small business to get a hold on the mobile market. Here's a deal for my readers, use the coupon code CES2012 at their site and you get 2 free months for your brick and mortar store's coupon offers - and then $79 a month for the first year. Sweet.

* I have no involvement in this company whatsoever - just think it's worthwile

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