Saturday, October 15

AARP/Microsoft "Get Connected" Workshop on Social Media: Twitter & Facebook for Seniors

Are you tired of being the social media support for your parents (grandparents)? Want to get them up to speed on how to use Twitter and Facebook? Next week will be my first workshop for those "of a certain age" at the Microsoft campus in Redmond on October 20. The next workshop will be in Spokane at the end of November ... more cities to come - stay tuned!

Redmond is sold out, but the event wil be livestreamed on the AARP Facebook Live stream page. Have your parents stop by for the live stream or I'd love to meet them when I visit their city.

A special thank you to Diane Brogan from MomPopPow for reviewing my Facebook & Twitter for Seniors For Dummies on youtube (which is the intro for my presentation).


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