Wednesday, November 10

Play for keeps: Game Mechanics Give Brands a New Power Play from the mind of @getshust at @Resource

From Resource Interactive:

If you long for diversion from the mundane daily grind and find yourself unexpectedly engrossed in becoming Mayor of the local Starbucks, collecting check-in awards and badges at every destination, or simply stating your location via Facebook Places—you're far from alone. Ten percent of U.S. Internet time is now spent on online games. Foursquare now has over three million users who have posted over one hundred million check-ins. Mobile apps offering gaming and geolocation services are growing exponentially with the ever-increasing number of smartphone users in the U.S.

Our latest POV on Game Mechanics (aka: "gamification") explores the phenomenon of this fast-growing array of activities that engage consumers online and off through competitions, rewards, ego boosters and virtual entertainment. What's more, it illustrates how brands that leverage them ultimately offer more than momentary entertainment—they can inform, inspire, enlighten and delight customers over the long haul.