Wednesday, August 20

eBay Lowering Fixed-Price Sellers' Fees

ebayAccording to a Reuters news story today (August 20) eBay will be lowering listing fees for fixed price sales on the site. See eBay's promo page.

Effective September 19, sellers will be able to list fixed priced listings of the same items in multiple quantities for a 30 day listing instead of the standard seven. This will make things a lot easier on sellers, saving them from constantly having to relist multiple items once a sale is made. Also, it's reported that there is a lowering of fixed price fees in the media categories - down to $.15.

Other changes reported by Reuters include a maximum shipping price for sellers in its media category, with incentives to offer free shipping, and requiring sellers to include at least one electronic payment method.

It seems that eBay has also made changes in the final value fees for the fixed price arena. Check eBay's Community Announcements for more info.